Talia betel fitness coaching


Being an advocate for living a sustainable healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally, I know that there is an approach to fitness available to inspire and benefit every individual.

Talia Bentley fitness coaching

About me.

BSc in Sport and Exercise Science.
Level 3 and 4 certified personal trainer.
Certified nutritionist.
Corrective exercise specialist & Physiotherapist.
Certified in group training.

Talia Bentley fitness coaching

The details.

I offer a variety of packages within my online coaching, including tailored programming based on your training and nutritional needs.

There is scheduled weekly check ins and 24/7 access for ongoing support and motivation.

An effective program is completely dependent on the individual, this is where I can help you find your niche within fitness. I can base your plan on your current lifestyle whether that’s a 9-5 office job or if you are required to work shift patterns throughout the night, I can adapt your plan to suit you, your physical goals and nutritional requirements.

Successfully reaching your goals requires hard work and dedication but it doesn’t mean you have to dramatically change your day to day life!

Being healthy and happy in your own body introduces a new dynamic, it instils confidence, dedication and a desire to work on yourself for yourself. I can help you find your passion for fitness, creating a plan custom made to cater to your goals, wants, needs, likes and dislikes in a motivating and enjoyable way.

Prioritising mental and physical health is such an important factor in my life, I aim to help as many people as I can on my own journey by sharing what I have learnt along the way, my Instagram is a platform where I share a lot of this.


Start your journey today by contacting me to learn more, and book your first session.